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Angelica Salas
Executive Director of CHIRLA

CHIRLA is one of the leading community organizations in Los Angeles, with more than a dozen programs to help educate immigrants about their , offer legal aid referrals, train immigrant youth to become leaders, assist in employee/employer wage disputes, and advocate at the local, state and federal level. Salas, herself a Mexican immigrant, founded CHIRLA in 1986.

Terry Anderson
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

Black conservative talk show host from Los Angeles. Anderson broadcasts Sunday nights on KRLA AM 870 and can be heard on the RBN network. His slogan is "If You Ain't Mad, You Ain't Payin' Attention".


Victor Davis Hanson
Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution - Stanford Univ.

Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, a professor emeritus at California University, Fresno, and a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services. He has written or edited sixteen books, including "A War Like No Other" and "Mexifornia: A State of Becoming". Hanson writes a column bi-weekly about contemporary culture and military history for National Review Online.


Peter Laufer
Broadcast Journalist

Peter Laufer is an award-winning journalist, author, and filmmaker. Laufer produced and directed Exodus to Berlin, a documentary film on immigration in Europe. His books include "Wetback Nation: The Case for Opening the Mexican Border".


Jim Gilchrist
Founder of the Minute Man Project

Founder of the Minuteman Project, a group whose aim is to prevent illegal immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border. Gilchrist is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and recipient of the Purple Heart. His book, "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders," was published in 2006.


Willem Charles
Founder, Mountain Top Ministries - Haiti

Charles, a Haitian citizen, and his wife Beth founded Mountain Top Ministries in 1999. The organization is a non-profit dedicated to preparing and equipping Haitian ministers and their families.


Diana Boni
Program Coordinator, Lighthouse Adoptions (Haiti)

Lighthouse Adoptions is a Colorado Licensed Child Placement Agency, specializing in international adoptions. The agency seeks and prepares families to parent their children, and provides financial and emotional support to the children in their sponsored Haitian orphanage. Boni also serves as the Executive Director of Lighthouse Enterprises for Children, a non-profit organization which supports the orphanage.


Sandro St. Jean
Haitian Artist/Painter

Alphonse Nkunzimana
Project Coordinator, Pan American Development Foundation

Nkunzimana is a Program Coordinator with the Pan American Development Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization that creates public-private partnerships to assist the least advantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean. In Haiti, PADF applies a three-pronged strategy led by wealth creation activities, and supported by the reinforcement of related productive infrastructure assets and the promotion of civil society. www.padf.org

Cheryl Little
Director, Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center

Cheryl Little has been a tireless advocate for immigrant rights for nearly two decades and has established herself as one of this country's leading experts in the immigration field. Since 1996, she has served as the Executive Director of Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, Inc. (FIAC), an agency she co-founded. FIAC is a not-for-profit legal assistance organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the basic human rights of immigrants of all nationalities.


Jamie Suchlicki
Institute of Cuban Studies - University of Miami

Suchlicki is the Emilio Bacardi Moreau professor of History and the Director of the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies at the University of Miami. In addition to being a world-class research and academic center, the Institute serves as an educational link between the University, the Cuban exile community, and the South Florida community at-large. Suchlicki specializes in Latin American affairs, with special emphasis on Cuba, Mexico, and U.S. relations with the region.

Noam Chomsky
Professor of Linguistics Emeritus, MIT

Noam Chomsky, the educator and linguist, has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1955. He has written and lectured widely on linguistics, philosophy, intellectual history, international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.


Ben J. Wattenberg
Demographer and Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Ben J. Wattenberg is a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. He is the moderator of the weekly PBS television program Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg and author of ten books, including "The Real Majority" and "Values Matter Most." Wattenberg was an aide and speechwriter to President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966 to 1968, and served as an advisor to Hubert Humphrey's race for the Senate in 1970.


Owen Fiss
Professor, Yale School of Law

Owen Fiss is a Sterling Professor at Yale Law School, where he teaches procedure, legal theory, and constitutional law. Professor Fiss also directs extensive Law School programs in Latin America and the Middle East at Yale Law School.


Michele Wucker
Author of "Lockout"

Michele Wucker is a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute in New York City and a research fellow at the Immigration Policy Center. She is also a 2007 Guggenheim Fellow working on evolving notions of citizenship, belonging, and exclusion. Wucker is the author of "LOCKOUT: Why America Keeps Getting Immigration Wrong When Our Prosperity Depends on Getting It Right."


Gaspar Rivera-Salgado
Project Director - Center for Labor Research, UCLA

Gaspar Rivera-Salgado holds a BA in Latin American Studies, and a MA and Ph.D in Sociology, from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is currently the Project Director for the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education. A native of Mexico, Rivera-Salgado has written extensively on immigration and indigenous rights.


Stephen Eichler
Executive Director, Minute Man Project

Stephen Eichler serves as Executive Director of the Minute Man Project, a civilian anti-immigration group that seeks to aid the U.S. Border Patrol in enforcing immigration laws. 


Damon Foreman
US Border Patrol Agent

Damon Foreman is a Public Information officer with the United States Border Patrol in San Diego, California.


P. Luiz Kendzierski
Catholic Father (Tijuana, Mexico)

Father Luis Kendzierski is the Director of the Casa del Migrantes in Tijuana, Mexico and a member of a Catholic order of priests called the Scalabrini Missionaries, the only Catholic order devoted exclusively to immigrants and migrants. Casa del Migrantes is for Mexicans and Latin Americans trying to make their way - legally or illegally - into the U.S. Shelter staff help the men find temporary work, feed them, provide medical attention, legal assistance if necessary, spiritual guidance and clothes. It also hosts visitors from the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to learn about the impact of immigration policies and the reality of migrant life.



Abel Valenzuela
Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA

Professor Abel Valenzuela is a recognized Chicano Studies scholar. Valenzuela holds a joint appointment in the UCLA Department of Urban Planning and the César E. Chávez Center for Interdisciplinary Instruction in Chicana/o Studies.  His research is primarily concerned with the issues faced by minorities and immigrants in the U.S, and he has conducted groundbreaking studies on day labor in America. He holds a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Dan Sheehy
Author of "Immigration Anarchy"

Dan Sheehy received a bachelor's degree in mass communications from Towson University in Maryland and has worked as a journalist and corporate writer for 30 years. After 9/11, Sheehy began an intensive study of the growing immigration crisis in America. He spent several years researching and writing his book "Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation."


Dr. David Walton
Physician with Partners in Health (Haiti)

Partners in Health is one of the largest nongovernmental health care providers in Haiti, offering free, comprehensive HIV care and treatment for more than half a million impoverished Haitians. Based on his extensive work with Partners In Health, Dr. Walton has significant experience in delivering HIV/AIDS care in resource poor settings. His research work at Harvard Medical School includes exploring emerging infectious diseases in Latin America and the resurgence of drug resistant strains of tuberculosis in the former Soviet Union. David A. Walton received his MD from Harvard Medical School in 2003.  



Gustavo Arellano
Columnist, Author of "Ask a Mexican"

Gustavo Arellano is a staff writer with OC Weekly and the author of the nationally syndicated column "¡Ask a Mexican!" Simon & Schuster recently published a collection of his columns in book form. Arellano's commentaries on Latino culture appear regularly on National Public Radio's "Day to Day".


Enrique Morones
Founder of the Border Angels Organization

Founder of Border Angels, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing deaths of immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Border Angels volunteers place water, blankets, and food in the deserts flanking the border areas to aid passage of immigrants into the United States.



Ana Teresa Sosa
US Citizen

Immigrated from El Salvador